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5 Real Facts of Golden Temple, I Bet You Don't Know

Everybody knows about the Golden Temple which is located in Amritsar, Punjab. You also know everything about the golden temple which is glad to see and people want to go there. The Golden Temple is one of the most famous temples of India. Even internationally, the golden temple is very popular for their gold construction and reverence of people.

But, here we wanted to tell you something about the reality and truth behind the Golden Temple which you never read anywhere. I bet you never know about these five real facts about the Golden Temple.

The Golden Temple is one of those temples where your reverence can affect quickly, and most of the Indian people have trust on it. So, you should know about these five facts of Golden Temple which astonished you to trust them more.

5 Facts of Golden Temple Amritsar Punjab (India):

These five real facts behind the Golden Temple of Amritsar Punjab which is an unknown fact ever on social media. So, if you wanted to know about this fact then must read it below.

5) The Golden Temple was demarcated by Muslim Saint:
At the time of 1588 and before the creation of Golden, Temple the fifth Sikh Guru Arjan Dev wanted to make a temple where all the religion, all castes, crimes and all the people of the world can come and pray for them. Guru Arjan Dev wants to make this temple which will open for all religion people. So, that he invited the famous Muslim Savant Mir Mohammed Muayyinul Islam to the foundation of the first stone of Golden Temple.

4) The Temple is Plated with Real Gold but Made by Marble:
As we know this temple as Golden Temple because the temple has enough real gold on it. Amritsar Temple is actually made by marbles and after that, they plated all the wall by Real Gold. This type of the real gold temple you have now seen any other place in the world.

3) Amrit Sarovar:
The pool surrounded beside the Golden Temple is Amrit Sarovar. Most of the people don't know about this and not aware this pool which is actually the Amrit Sarovar.

2) More Than 1 Lakh People had Free Feast Everyday:
This the unbelievable that almost one lac (1,00,000) people every day had their lunch or dinner for free in Golden Temple. Around 1,00,000 people a day had meal for free by Golden Temple, and this is the largest langar of Gurudwaras in India.

1) All the People had Meal by Sitting on Floor in Langar:
In the Golden Temple Langar, all the peoples who had lunch or dinner should have to sitting on the floor. The people had the meal on the floor by Golden Temple Volunteers where people forget all the castes, religion or theirs status and sitting together. And this is the unbelievable fact of the Golden Temple.


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